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Miracle Monday!!!


Reconnective Healing Story from Teaching Assistant Caroline Lagouge Chaussavoine

On December 31st a five-year-old girl named Alice came into my office with her mother, Christine. She was not comfortable with lying down on the massage table with her eyes closed. I asked her mother to lie down first and receive a three-minute Reconnective Healing session in the hopes it would soothe Alice’s discomfort. After seeing her mother so relaxed on the massage table, Alice agreed to do the session.

In February Christine booked another session with me. Christine arrived alone because Alice was sleeping and she didn’t want to disturb her daughter. When Christine arrived she said that she was happy to see me by herself, and after a moment of silence she thanked me because her life had changed dramatically since that first time she was on the table for those three minutes. I asked her how her life had changed and she told me that she’d been a smoker for many years, but since the session, she hadn’t smoked. Before her brief session she used to smoke around ten joints per day and she didn't have any desire to stop smoking, it was part of her life! But now she was free!!

Why do I call this story "The Daughter’s Gift?” It was Alice who had first come to see me with her aunt that October. Her little hands were very red and painful. I came to discover that her parents are divorced and that since last August she had felt insecure in her relationship with her father. Alice was completely relaxed in her first Reconnective Healing session and showed none of the reticence she had in that second session with her mom. At the end of that first session with me I showed her how to play with the frequencies and proposed that she play with them at home with her mother and father, which she did, inspiring her mom to come with her for her second session that December. This past February, on the day after Alice came in for her third session, her hands were healed. I recall her and her mother being at state of peace, smiling from their souls.

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