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Eric Pearl

The superstitions we've been taught, the limitations that have been put on us subliminally, often close adult minds to possibilities and wonder. But children have freed themselves, since they haven’t been conditioned in that way yet. We go around thinking that childr

en are empty vessels and we need to fill them with everything that we know. Instead, we should be recognizing, that children are here as empty vessels for us to rediscover how to become empty vessels ourselves. This emptiness, the openness, and a state of wonder and awe allows us to step into new levels of expansion, healing, evolution of consciousness, and being able to share this with the world. How are you becoming an empty vessel? ❤️

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Klienten Bericht nach RH

Nach der Rh Sitzung hatte ich ein sehr angenehmes Ruhegefühl im ganzen Körper, nicht nur der Körper als physische Gestalt, sondern die gesamte Persönlichkeit, das ganze Sein. Ich wurde umhüllt von ei

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