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Dr. Eric Pearl - The Reconnection Published by Cecilia Samms "Lights have vibrational patterns... It’s the function of these vibrational patterns in an individual human being, even on a cellular level, that allows it to become alive. Between the atoms there is sound, and the sound is in wavelengths, in light waves . . . it vibrates. And that’s what gives our existence its function, and we are a part of that vibrational pattern. Everything is vibrational. Light waves, vibrational. What we need to do is to become very attuned to those vibrational patterns. Letting light in, for instance, is allowing ourselves to harmonize with the light, to harmonize with the sound of light. It’s not separate. It’s a part of us. It’s what feeds us. It’s what makes the signal stronger in our lives. And the essence is we are vibrational patterns. We are light waves. That’s what we are—that space between the atoms that vibrates. If you are in silence, you will hear the sound of light. We need to coordinate our energies with that vast, bigger energy because it all is in wavelengths. There’s a hum to it, and there’s a sound of light. So when it’s discordant, it becomes directly in opposition to what allows us to celebrate our lives. And what happens is that when it’s unorchestrated in various organs, it creates disease. Reorchestrate your life through that sound, through that wave, because everybody’s individual existence is a symphony…" ~Solomon Speaks ~ (Chapter 32) #Reconnect #Heal #Balance #ReconnectiveHealing#Symphony #Energy #Light #Information

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